Terms & Conditions

1. COERVER® Coaching reserves the right to cancel any of its Programs at any time but will endeavor to give at least 48 notice prior to the event.

2. If in the event of a Program being cancelled due to inclement weather, the Participant will receive a credit to attend the next scheduled Program to the same value.

3. If the weather is inclement Participants must attend the designated venue each day. The Program Coordinator‘s decision on program commencement, postponement or cancellation shall be final.

4. COERVER® coaching reserves the right to limit the number of Participants in its Programs.

5. COERVER® coaching reserves the right to change venue within 10km of the originally nominated venue in the event of inclement weather.

6. In the event of inclement weather COERVER® coaching reserves the right to extend the period of the Program by one day and/or an afternoon session, to ensure completion of the required hours of instruction.

7. There is no part refund once the day’s session has commenced.

8. Refunds are at the discretion of the franchise.

9. Any Program cancellation refund will be forwarded within seven working days of the last scheduled day of the Program.

10. Receipts will only be issued if specifically requested.

11. Should you require verification of acceptance to any Program please contact your local COERVER® Coaching franchise as no formal acknowledgement will be forwarded.

12. A service fee will be charged for dishonored cheque transactions.

13. Cancellation fee applicable.

14. Participants are required to wear shin pads, football socks, and soccer boots to all Programs. Futsal shoes or Joggers/trainers (preferably with clear/white sole) are required should it be necessary to attend an indoor facility.

15. Fees are not refundable within fourteen (14) days of the scheduled commencement date of the Program. Any request for refunds before this date will incur a 20% cancellation fee.

16. No Participant shall take the place of any other registered Participant at a Program for any reason without the full knowledge and consent of head office and the appropriate forms being completed for insurance purposes and fees being paid.

17. Please note that any property left behind at Programs will be kept for a period of one month and if not claimed then will be donated to charity.

18. Participants agree to abide by all policies implemented by COERVER® Coaching.



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